Launching a survey for network operators

Are you a network operator at an ISP, IXP CDN, ...? We'd love to have your help!

Please take our SURVEY.

As part of our effort to bring SDN into IXPs, we want to create a broad picture of the operational challenges currently faced when peering at IXPs.

Specifically, our goal is to understand:
 - what are the current limitations at IXPs?
 - what services do you expect to see at IXPs in the next years?

Survey results will help us to drive our efforts in characterizing the use cases of the ENDEAVOUR project. This survey also serves to help us to understand our audience better; by indicating where you consider your core business, this helps us to understand if we are talking to the right people and using the right language.

The survey is anonymous unless you desire to reveal your identity. The data we acquire will be treated confidentially and only reported in aggregate statistics and anonymized format.