University of Cambridge


Networks and Operating Systems groupsystems research group , Computer Laborarory

The University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory is one of the world’s leading institutions for computer science research and is the UK’s top ranked computer science department in the most recent RAE. It consists of 38 academic staff, 40 post-­doctoral research workers and 154 PhD students. Conducting systems research for many years has provided expertise across much of the computer-­system spectrum; from network-­architectures, through operating systems development to computer hardware design. The group works closely with other groups in the Computer Lab and University, and with a range of industrial partners. The University of Cambridge has an outstanding track record for start-­ups, (e.g., Xen-­Source), as well as having attracted many large companies (e.g., Microsoft, ARM, Intel, Nokia, Broadcom) to locate key laboratories and design teams in the area.