Press: Pica8 Pushes Out Cisco at TouIX

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) startup Pica8 has won a deal to supply white-box switches to build the network fabric at the TouIX Internet exchange, based in Toulouse, France.

Press: Pica8 Powers SDN-Driven Internet Exchange

France’s TouIX leverages OpenFlow to eliminate broadcast storms.

Published Paper: "NetPaxos: Consensus at Network Speed"

Abstract: This paper explores the possibility of implementing the widely deployed Paxos consensus protocol in network devices. We present two different approaches: (i) a detailed design description for implementing the full Paxos logic in SDN switches, which identifies a sufficient set of required OpenFlow extensions; and (ii) an alternative, optimistic protocol which can be implemented without changes to the OpenFlow API, but relies on assumptions about how the network orders messages.

Published Paper: "A Distributed and Robust SDN Control Plane for Transactional Network Updates"

Abstract: Software-defined networking (SDN) is a novel paradigm that outsources the control of programmable network switches to a set of software controllers. The most fundamental task of these controllers is the correct implementation of the network policy, i.e., the intended network behavior.

ENDEAVOUR Quarterly Meeting in London, UK

The quartely face-to-face meeting in London has been very productive for the finalization of the IXP operator and members uses cases.


ENDEAVOUR Quarterly Meeting in Toulouse, France

ENDEAVOUR partners have met in Toulouse, France at LAAS-CNRS permises on May, 21st. 2015.

Image of Toulouse 

The Next Generation of Interconnection Workshop

ENDEAVOUR Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the ENDEAVOUR Project will hold place at Queen Mary University of London permises on January, 27th 2015.

Start of the project

The ENDEAVOUR Project starts officially on January, 1st 2015.


Project facts:

Funding accepted !

The ENDEAVOUR Project has received successful review by the EC and has been accepted for funding. Start date is scheduled for 01/01/2015.


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