We here present short demos of the capabilities of the ENDEAVOUR Software-Defined IXP.

In this first video, we demonstrate how the SDX improves Internet security by blocking DDoS attacks through advanced blackholing capabilities.

In this second video, we show how the SDX takes advantage of SDN's direct control over packet-processing rules and allows members to express flexible fine-grained policies for inter-domain traffic engineering.


Demo: Load balancing.


Demo: OSNT + Anomaly detection.


Demo: Monitoring database.


Demo: Anomaly Detection use case.


Demo: Access Control.


SOSR '17 Demo: Inbound/Outbound Traffic Engineering.


SOSR '17 Demo: Advanced Blackholing / DDoS Mitigation.


D3.4-Scalability of the Monitoring Database: Policies.


Real-time Security Services for SDN-based Datacenters.


High-resolution traffic Visualization in Cloud/Datacenter Networks.


High-resolution traffic Visualization in Cloud/Datacenter Networks (with adaptive routing).


Final Demo: Broadcast Prevention.


Final Demo: Inbound Outbound TE.


Final Demo: Advanced Blackholing.


Final Demo: Load Balancing.


Final Demo: Access Control.


Final Demo: Anomaly Detection.


Final Demo: Scalability of the Monitoring Database for Increased Number of Policies.


Final Demo: Scalability of Monitoring using Polling- Requests.